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Vet Day

Everyone went to the vet today. Was soo easy with such laid back pups. We brought them in 2 at a time and just about had to take some the vetrinary assistants home with us!! J/K but it was fun to have all the gals swoon over our little fur balls. Everyone has a perfect bill of health. They are all within 5 lbs of each other with Jet in the lead at a whopping 26.8lbs and Rocky and Little Miss Victoria bringing up the tail with 21.1 lbs. Good thing the pickup has a topper on it or it would have had to wait for another day. It rained all the way there and all the way back. Only mishap was the little pile in the bed of the truck on the way home. :) nothing that couldn't be washed out with a hose!! It's gonna get tough this coming Saturday. Leo and Smokey are Scheduled for pickup. We hate to see them go but are happy that they are going to good forever homes.

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