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Been a while

So it has been some time since we last posted. A lot has changed for the better here. It has been an extremely busy year. With the children alternating between on line learning, back to school , then again to online ect. Thankfully we have all been healthy. The boys and I have been building a new kennel for our furry four legged friends. It is near completion and I'll try to get some pictures up with more details soon. We purchased our first AKC registered male and female from North Carolina early this fall and will have our first batch of St. Berdoodles!. The female we purchased was bred with the AKC registered poodle pictured. We should have Nana's St. Berdoodles, Smudge's St. Bernards, and hopefully a batch of St. Bernewfies from Lucy all born in December! Talk about busy! Kim is pregnant with baby # 14. Too early to tell the gender (she's to nosy to not find out). Will post again soon.

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